Make A Reservation

The largest group bookable is eight (8) guests.

Why we limit group reservations to 8 guests:

  1. Limiting group size helps us maintain excellent customer attention and customer service for each guest.
  2. Based on our current square footage and team size, we can comfortably serve groups of eight (8) or fewer.
  3. Groups over eight (8) take up a good portion of our candle bar, limiting the number of additional walk-in guests and smaller groups we can serve.
  4. Groups over eight (8) have difficulty coordinating everyone’s arrival time. Half the group is often 30 minutes late, delaying the next group of reservations and creating logistical and customer service issues for our team.
  5. We do not close our store during regular business hours to accommodate larger private gatherings. If you have a group larger than eight guests, you may be interested in hosting a private event during our off hours.
  • Our private event space rental fee is $400 and does not include any products.
  • Your group will have our team’s undivided attention for 3 hours.
  • Your guests will have plenty of time to create their scented products while visiting and enjoying each other's company.
  • You may bring in food and drinks.
  • Minimum purchase per guest is $25.
  • Please call the store to discuss availability and your event details.

Walk-ins are seated by chance! IF seats are available, walk-ins will be taken on a first come first served basis. To avoid disappointment, please make a reservation.

Please Note:

Reservations made online are limited to groups of 8. 

  • There is a $10 per person reservation fee, the fee is paid at the time of booking.
  • At the time of your visit, the $10 fee will be applied towards your purchase.
  • Reservation time is for one hour.
  • You will not be seated together if you make multiple reservations at different time slots. Seating is limited, similar to a restaurant.
  • For groups of 6 - 8 your entire group must be present before being seated.
  • As a courtesy to others please arrive on time, your late arrival shortens your experience.  There is a 10 minute grace period. Arriving past this 10 minute window may result in you forfeiting your seats and reservation fee.
  • If you are late and IF we are able to seat you, you will be rushed.
  • We will not shorten other customers experience or make them wait due to your tardiness.
  • Truly, we want you to come in, relax and enjoy your experience without being rushed so for your benefit and a courtesy to others please arrive on time.
  • If your reservation number falls below the number of seats you reserved the $10 fee is non-refundable and no credit will be given for those seats.
  • If your group cancels or reschedules without a 48-hour notice or if your group is a no show the reservation fee is non-refundable and no store credit will be given.
  • If you are interested in a private event, please contact us at (248) 977-8432.
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Urban Wick welcomes everyone! However, to preserve our custom scent experience, please refrain from introducing strong odors such as cannabis or food into our space. Thank you for understanding.

As a courtesy to other reservations we ask that you and your group arrive on time. ALL guests must be present within 10 minutes of the reservation time. Guests arriving past 10 minutes of the reservation time may have to forfeit their seat and reservation fee. Please note reservations are for one hour, beginning at the scheduled reservation time, not your actual arrival time. Arriving late cuts into your one hour time slot. Late arrivals may be limited to the amount of candles and/or products they can make and they will be hurried through the process.

We ask that all guests be mindful and allow ample time to find parking, it's a challenge!  We suggest using the parking structure that is a 3-minute walk to our store.

The closest parking structure to our store is located at 333 Park Street. The first two hours are free. There is also metered parking on the street however, finding a spot on the weekend is a challenge, you do not want to miss your reservation due to circling around town looking for streetside parking.  The parking structure is the way to go!