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Mother & Daughter Team

Marlene and Elise with their outgoing personalities, entrepreneurial spirits, love for people, and their shared passion for nicely scented spaces, were in search of a fun and creative small business venture they could start together.

The two of them started out making candles in their kitchen, coming up with unique scent combinations to enjoy in their home. After years of doing this, they started to ponder how they could bring the candle-pouring experience to others to enjoy as well.

Their dream of becoming a locally owned small business in Downtown Birmingham quickly took to fruition and Urban Wick Candle Bar was born.

Since opening Urban Wick Candle Bar in July of 2020 Marlene and Elises’ excitement is still going strong! The Urban Wick Team looks forward to helping you create a scent combo that is simply scent-sational! We love making “POUR” decisions with our guests!

Mother And Daughter Team

Our Core Values


Treating our team members as family, wanting what is best for them, and helping them to grow and succeed


Respect and care for the community that has welcomed us into their neighborhood. Providing a gathering place for all to enjoy.

Customer Service

Exceed our guests' expectations with outstanding customer service each and every time they visit us.


Create an atmosphere where our guests can forget about the lows of their day, come in and relax, cozy in, and get creative