What's That Scent? Celebrate National Sense of Smell Day

What would spring be without the scent of fresh flowers and April showers? Or  autumn without the smell of crisp leaves in the air and bonfires to warm chilly night? Our sense of smell and the depth it brings to all of our daily experiences is something worth celebrating everyday.

Celebrating Scent

Yes, there really is a day to celebrate everything but we can definitely get behind this one! National Sense of Smell Day is celebrated on the last Saturday in April every year. It was founded by the Sense of Smell Institute (S.S.I.) in 1994 to highlight the importance our sense of smell plays in our daily lives. It also has the goal of creating awareness for certain olfactory-related disorders affecting this powerful sense like anosmia which is when you cannot smell or hyperosmia which when you are extra sensitive to certain scents.

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