Fragrant Tulips To Scent Your Spring

The tulips are in full bloom this spring all over Michigan! From Holland on the shores of Lake Michigan to fields of tulips on Belle Isle and Cranbrook House and Gardens, the vibrant colors and scent of this seasonal staple are brightening up gardens all over.

Tulips represent perfect love and come in a variety of bright colors, all with the lovely bright green scent of this cheerful flower. Each color has a unique meaning:

Red - Love and romance

Yellow - Sunshine and happiness

Purple - Royalty and elegance 

Orange - Friendship and appreciation 

Pink - Caring and good wishes

White - Innocence, purity, and forgiveness

Whatever your favorite color, our Tulip premium fragrance oil is the perfect start to your springtime custom scent blend. Our Scent Designers can help you pair Tulip with other complementary scents for your next candle pour at Urban Wick Candle Bar.
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