Top Scents To Help Your Focus & Concentration

Feeling a little scattered lately? You're not alone. With great weather, daily news updates, and the general mid-week slump, it's sometimes hard to concentrate on getting accomplished what you like. Check out these scents when you need a little extra help in tuning out the noise and getting down to business!

Support Increased Focus & Concentration 

By introducing the right scents into your home or work environment, you can help promote concentration and focus. Enjoy some of our favorites:
  • Rosemary - Since the ancient Greeks, rosemary oil has been used to promote concentration.  
  • Mint Leaf - Invigorating and fresh, mint is a great energy booster and supports clearer thinking.
  • Coffee Bean - Many love a cup of Joe for a dose of focus but did you know that the even the scent of coffee provides a nice boost of concentration.
  • Cinnamon Spice - The stimulating scent of cinnamon has been shown to improve performance in memory-related tasks. 

Visit our Scent Designers at Urban Wick Candle Bar and make your own custom scent blend to help inspire you the next time you need a little motivation. Choose from hand lotions, soaps, or sanitizers, reed diffusers, wax tarts, or a candle pour. With so many ways to scent your space, you can inject a little focus into any part of your day.  

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