Summer Scented Candles & More

We may be enjoying a cool spring but we're looking forward to a sizzling summer ahead here at Urban Wick Candle Bar! We're kicking things off early and anticipating days playing in the sun and nights relaxing under the stars. It may not feel like summer is on the horizon outside just yet but our summer seasonal scents will help you scent your space like it's July! 

Delicious Margarita 

Kick back and pretend you are on a soft sandy beach with the summer breeze blowing through your hair with the tangy scent of Margarita in the air! Just what you need to get in the mood for a festive summer day ahead lounging at the pool or on the lake. 

The Smell of Fresh Cut Peonies

Fragrant and full-bodied, the scent of peony brings to mind lazy summer afternoons and lush gardens full of the palest of pink to the most vibrant of Fuschia-toned flowers.

Yummy Sweet Strawberry Jam

A thick slice of freshly baked bread just calls for a generous slathering of deliciously sweet strawberry jam. Strawberry fields may not last forever but the scent of this scrumptious summer favorite captures the warm scent of red berry jam.

Refreshing Watermelon 

There's nothing quite like a ripe juicy watermelon to cool off on a warm day. Our Watermelon premium fragrance oil captures the fresh sugary scent of this sweet treat to conjure up memories of barbecues and picnics on a blanket in the grass.


There are so many ways to add the wonderful scents of summer to your home! Make a candle, scent some diffuser reeds, create your own unique smelling soap, or personalize your hand sanitizer with your signature scent. 

Our talented Scent Designers can help you pair your favorites summer offerings with complimentary premium fragrance oils to create a custom blend perfect for the season. Visit with a friend or make a reservation to celebrate a special occasion by calling us (248) 977-8432.

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