The Romantic Scent Of Rose

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. But ah, the beautiful scent of this symbolic flower long-associated with true love and romance is one of a kind!

The Romantic Scent Of The Rose

A favorite over the centuries with everyone from Cleopatra to the Bachelorette, the rose has stood the test of time when it comes to romance. The heady mix of its musky, sweet and spicy aroma is beloved by many. Enjoy these interesting facts about one of our favorite florals, the rose.
  • The scent of a rose becomes stronger if a storm is on the way as warm, humid weather intensifies its fragrance.
  • Rose scent is a great relaxer as its pleasing aroma soothes anxiety and relieves stress.
  • The petals of a rose of what holds its' scent.
  • Similar to wine, you can detect spicy, sweet, musky or fruity notes in a rose dependent upon what type of soil the plants are grown in, how much rainfall they receive, and the altitude of where they are raised.
If you're looking to fan the flames of love and inspire romance, our Rose Petal premium fragrance oil could be the perfect addition to your next custom scent blend. Choose a candle pour or reed diffuser to enjoy at home or scent one of our lotions, soaps, or sprays to carry the scent with you.
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