Take Your Sense Of Smell On Holiday This Summer

Take your sense of smell on a holiday this summer! So many of our premium fragrance oils draw their scent from regional fruits, flowers, and fauna that we thought it would be fun to take a trip for your senses this summer! From East to West, North to South, bring a little bit of your holiday home with you or maybe even plan your next holiday, inspired by these universally loved aromas.

Georgia Peach

Who can resist a juicy ripe peach in the hot summer sun?

Earl Grey Tea

Even commoners can feel like they've enjoyed a trip across the pond with this black tea scented with the floral undertones of bergamot.


Carefully and meticulously tended natural marvels, this crisp, green scent encapsulates these small treasures and brings to mind a beautiful zen garden. 

Hawaiian Lei

Just one note of this sweet floral scent and you'll be transported to an afternoon on a lush tropical beach. 


The woodsy, musky scent of a campfire brings Pure Michigan home even if the furthest you've made it up north isn't far at all. 


The perfume-like floral scent is strongest in the evening when its flower opens, bringing to mind warm summer evenings.

Tupelo Honey

Subtly sweet and slightly floral, this scent may have you humming a tune and thinking of the King. 

Pine Needles

The crisp notes of a refreshing pine brings to mind hiking in the cool wooded forests of our neighbors to the north.

Sea Breeze

For some, a trip relaxing on the beach and dozing off to the salty ocean air and soothing waves is a slice of paradise.

Memory is closely tied to our sense of smell so choose your favorite scent and be brought back to your favorite summer holiday with just one sniff. With over 80 premium fragrance oils to choose from, Urban Wick Candle Bar has a scent to capture everyone's favorite vacation. 

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