Summer Fun & Margarita Scent Are The Perfect Combination!

Relaxing with friends over a cold cocktail is a perfect way to enjoy a summer evening with friends. What better way to capture that easy living summertime vibe with our seasonal Margarita scent for your next candle pour at Urban Wick Candle Bar - salt is optional! 

The Margarita is a classic, no matter if it's on the ice or blended. With notes of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice, it's crisp citrus scent is the perfect complement to a night out with friends. So grab your best buds, slide up to our bar, and we'll help you pour your own Margarita custom scent candle with all of the aroma and none of the alcohol!

There are so many ways to add the wonderful scents of summer to your home! Make a candle, scent some diffuser reeds, create your own unique smelling soap, or personalize your hand sanitizer with your signature scent. 

Our talented Scent Designers can help you pair your favorites summer offerings with complimentary premium fragrance oils to create a custom blend perfect for the season. Visit with a friend or make a reservation to celebrate a special occasion by calling us (248) 977-8432.

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