Spice Things Up This Christmas With Clove, Hazelnut, and Nutmeg

Twinkling lights. Christmas carols. Cookies! The sounds, sights, and scents of the Christmas holiday are all around us. Our sense of smell is closely linked to our memories so the warm smell of Christmas cookies, pumpkin pie, and mulled wine can instantly bring us back to treasured holidays past.

Consider adding a little to holiday spice to your next candle pour by selecting one of these festive fragrance oil scents to your blend. 


Sweet, spicy, and fruity, clove is used in a variety of foods from gingerbread to ham, and is a key ingredient in mulled wine. Clove has a stimulating scent and has historically been used as a breath freshener as well as an aphrodisiac, adding  literal meaning to "spicing things up."


The sweet woodsy aroma of hazelnut is a strong and earthy treat in any scent blend. Used as the base in the ever-popular Nutella, hazelnut is often used with chocolate in delicious pastries and confectionery products. 


The uplifting scent of nutmeg is a welcome treat found in chilled eggnog, sprinkled over a warm cappuccino or rounding out the collection of spices used in pumpkin pie or garam masala. This sweet and earthy aromatic is commonly recommended for easing stress and tension and as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It also has a decongestive element that is thought to help clear nasal passages and support enhanced breathing.

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