September Birthstone Candle Vessel - Stunning Sapphire

Urban Wick Candle Bar is excited to offer a special way for you to express your own unique style with our Birthstone Candle Vessels. Every month, we will be featuring a candle vessel in specially selected colors to reflect each month’s birthstone. For September, we are featuring the beautiful blue tones of the sparkling Sapphire.

Strength & Beauty

The stunning blue Sapphire has been a treasured gemstone for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Romans and Persians. It may surprise you to know that the stone so closely associated with its brilliant blue color comes in almost every color of the rainbow - green, yellow, orange, and purple to name just a few. What we commonly know as a Ruby is actually a red sapphire! The color of a Sapphire actually depends on how much of certain minerals like corundum are present and how they interact. 

This precious gemstone is extremely durable, rivaled only by the diamond. Its hardness makes it an excellent choice for jewelry and for industrial uses such as lab-created scratch-rsistant sapphire cryals screens for watches like the Apple Watch Series 3. 

Royal Blue

The strength of this precious gemstone and its beautiful hue have long made it the preference of royalty throughout history. From Princess Diana's 12-carat oval blue Sapphire engagement ring to the pear-shaped Sapphire and diamond engagement ring Napoleon Bonaparte gifted his wife Josephine, its radiant hues are a beautiful choice to for jewelry.

Heaven & Earth

Sapphires are found around the globe - from Australia to Thailand, Madagascar to the United States, and more. Long associated with the heavens, the Sapphire is believed to protect its wearer with the gifts of truth, innocence, peace, and good health, making it the fitting choice to represent the longevity of a 45th wedding anniversary.

Welcome September and celebrate your birthday, girls get together, or any special celebration with a candle pour at Urban Wick Candle Bar! Our sparkling Sapphire candle vessel's soothing blue tone is the perfect choice and a soothing addition to your home.      

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