Repurpose Candle Jars this Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual holiday where people come together to recognize and celebrate the natural environment. Taking a small action to care for the planet, such as repurposing and upcycling instead of throwing away items, can make a difference in the preservation of our planet and its resources. In honor of Earth Day, why not repurpose a commonly used, everyday item? Candle jars are one such item that can be reused again and again in many different applications.

Simply remove the little bit of wax left, wash and reuse. From organizing makeup products to storing household items, candle jars are perfect for creating personalized storage.

If organizing things seems like too much work, candle jars can also be used to create simple decorations! Filling the jar with dried flowers, rocks, sand, and other small items can make for some beautiful decorations. It’s also incredibly easy to customize with any color palette––the options for styling are endless. This method is also affordable and doesn’t require too much energy. Knowing how to repurpose candle jars is something anyone can try. With an array of options––from practical to decorative––using old candle jars has never been this fun!

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