Refreshing Scent of Strawberry Lemonade

It's hot out there, folks! Staying refreshed and hydrated is key to beating the heat. Summer drinks like Strawberry Lemonade are the perfect treat and bring to mind afternoons relaxing at the beach and evenings on a warm patio lit by twinkling lights. 


Capture that summertime feeling with the sweet, crisp goodness of our Strawberry Lemonade scent. Our talented Scent Designers can help you pair your favorites from our Summer Collection with complementary premium fragrance oils to create a custom blend perfect for the season. Make a candle, scent reeds and soap, or personalize your hand sanitizer with your signature scent. We have tons of options to make your home or office smell welcoming this season. Get ready to scent your space and enjoy the best of summer at Urban Wick Candle Bar!

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