Natural Reed Diffusers Provide Subtle Scent For Your Home

We all want a wonderful and cozy smelling home or office. Candles aren't the only way to bring the soothing aroma of your favorite scents to your home or office. We understand that lighting a candle is not always an option and that sometimes we want the ability to leave our scents unattended. 

Subtle Custom Scents

Reeds provide a lovely scent and are a great addition to any decor. A reed diffuser has three parts: 

  • thin long reeds, or sticks
  • a small container to hold them
  • custom premium fragrance oil of your choice

The reeds are placed into your unique and custom premium fragrance oil. The natural wood reeds absorb the oils and slowly release the scent into the air for a lovely subtle aroma. 

Safe Alternative To Candles

Our natural Reed Diffusers are a safe alternative for those that don’t want a lighted flame or melted wax but still want a customized scent for their space. This is a perfect option for the mother of young kids or for those that want to set it and forget it 24/7. If you're looking to add a constant yet subtle fragrance to areas of your home or office, reed diffusers are a great option.

If you are looking to experiment with reed diffusers, visit us at Urban Wick Candle Bar where you can choose from our selection of containers and over 80 premium fragrance oils for your reed diffuser.

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