Elements Of A Candle, From Wax To Wick

A candle can come in many shapes, scents, and styles but there are a few basic elements that all have in common.

Candle Vessel 

From our simple classic vessels to specially crafted and themed seasonal vessels, we have the perfect way to "dress" your candle and express your personal style! 

Fragrance Oil

The custom scent you blend for your candle is an expression of your taste that can help you create a mood whenever you light your candle. Urban Wick Candle Bar offers over 80 premium fragrance oils available for you to choose from and blend together to create your custom scent.  

Soy Wax

Unlike traditional paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum oil and releases harmful by-products when melted, naturally-derived soy wax is non-toxic and contains nothing artificial. It is made from hydrogenated soybean vegetable oil so it burns clean and produces much less smoke than candles made from paraffin. 
It also has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, causing it to not only burn longer but also makes it easier to clean with soap and water.  


The wick of a candle should be naturally absorbent to best provide fuel to the flame in the form of scented wax. The wick draws the heated liquid wax up into the flame to burn. For an all natural burn and tall flame at the tip of the wick burn, Urban Wick Candle Bar uses 100% organic cotton wicks. Correctly trimming your wick helps promote a longer life for your candle. 

For tips on how best to care for your Urban Wick Candle Bar candle, visit our Candle Care page. With proper wick and candle care, you can expect a 60 hour burn time with our standard 8 oz vessels. By caring for your candle, you'll help to maximize its life and further your enjoyment!

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