Our Team Shares Their Urban Wick Scented Favorites!

Here at Urban Wick Candle Bar, we are so fortunate to work with such a talented and warm group of people. Our Scent Designers each bring their unique tastes and preferences to the work they do.  We thought it would be fun to share some of our team’s favorites. Their choices are as varied as they are… good thing we have over 90 premium fragrance oils for them to choose from!


Urban Wick’s hand lotion is one of Adeline’s favorite products at the store. Made with goat’s milk and honey, our hand lotion “is the same PH balance as your skin so it doesn’t sting. It works just as well as Eucerin only it also smells fantastic!” says Adeline. With so many scents to choose from at our Scent Wall, it’s hard to pick just one favorite! Adeline is drawn to the spiced scents. “I've made a mulled orange scent for soap, a mulled vanilla for soap, and a mulled tree reed diffuser for the bathroom.”


As an artist by trade, Claire has found that working to learn more about what scents pair well together has been an interesting and exciting part of her time here at Urban Wick Candle Bar. A personal favorite premium fragrance oil blend of Claire’s is Juniper and Leather as it reminds her of perfume and cologne. Reed diffusers are her go-to product as "they last so long and work really well."


Our Scent Designer Jeffrey is drawn to outdoor scents as they remind him of time spent up north. If you ask him for some thoughts on a good blend for your candle pouring, he just might recommend the "Serenity by Jeffrey" candle series - a self-titled scent combination that is his own personal blend and one of his recommendations to best scent your space.


Maria says, "I appreciate that when a scent is created, its identity is formed by both a recollected and an imagined narrative. It’s story-telling through scent!” She is partial to clean scents with a hint of sweetness as she appreciates their versatility for blending. Some of her favorites are Absinthe, Earl Grey Tea, and Mug Brush. “It is always something new,” she said. “There are endless amounts of custom combinations you can create with our 80+ premium fragrance oil collection.”   


Sabrina loves ALL of the possibilities available at Urban Wick Candle Bar! Seeing all the different scents guests create that she herself may have never thought of is inspiring. “The possibilities with candle scents are endless and it makes coming to work every day exciting, there is always something new in the works!” 

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