Our Team: Introducing Maria

Our talented team of Scent Designers is such an integral part of ensuring your visit is an enjoyable and unique experience. We are excited to introduce you to Maria and share more with you about what she brings to her role at Urban Wick Candle Bar. 

The Creativity of Scent

Maria loves to create and the ability to challenge herself to design using all of her senses is exciting. The sense of smell is especially appealing to her as it is most directly connected to memory and emotion. "I appreciate that when a scent is created, its identity is formed by both a recollected and an imagined narrative. It’s story-telling through scent!” said Maria.

The chance to enjoy a new experience every day is one of the things Maria enjoys the most about Urban Wick Candle Bar. Meeting and working with new people every day and seeing what scents each person is drawn to is something Maria enjoys. “It is always something new,” she said. “There are endless amounts of custom combinations you can create with our 80+ premium fragrance oil collection.”  Maria is partial to clean scents with a hint of sweetness as she appreciates their versatility for blending. Some of her favorites are Absinthe, Earl Grey Tea, and Mug Brush.

Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere

A 2018 graduate of the College for Creative Studies, Maria graduated with a BFA in Interior Design, with a focus on Art History and Color & Material Design. Creativity is a driving force for her so she takes inspiration from so many aspects of everyday life. “I enjoy exploring new places near or far and taking photos of what I see, mostly architecture, landscape, and still life photography,” explained Maria. “I then compose those photos according to tone, in terms of color and style, instead of location or chronology. It's a color journal!”

In addition to photography, scent is another favorite way for her to express herself. Maria enjoys creating her own experimental floral arrangements with fresh-cut flowers, working with flowers diverse in shape, color, and scent. She even hopes to grow her own flower garden once she has enough space. 

Maria brings a unique appreciation for the practice of scent design to our candle bar - she even hopes to pursue it further in the future. We’re excited to see where Maria takes her passion for the creative and are happy to have her on board as part of our team. 

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