Our Team: Introducing Jeffrey

Here at Urban Wick Candle Bar, our Scent Designers love the time they get to spend with guests during the candle pouring experience. From helping to pick out a candle vessel to fine-tuning a long list of favorite scents into just the right combination for each customer, Scent Designers make a fun experience even more enjoyable with their guidance and knowledge.

Our Scent Designer Jeffrey is a great addition to our team. He loves interacting with people and enjoys sharing with them what we do here at Urban Wick. Since he joined us in August, he has only enhanced the relaxed and fun vibe we share with our guests every day. If you ask him for some thoughts on a good blend for your candle pouring, he just might recommend the "Serenity by Jeffrey" candle series - a self-titled scent combination that is his own personal blend and one of his recommendations to best scent your space. 

Every person is drawn to different scents for various reasons and our team members are no different. Jeffrey's favorites are the outdoor scents as they remind him of time spent up north. As he enjoys boating, fishing, and enjoying a drink of whiskey while relaxing by the fire, it's no wonder the outdoor scents appeal to him.

Jeffrey is currently studying Business at the University of Detroit Mercy. "The Urban Wick candles have turned my college house into a very comfortable place to live because of the wonderful scents," he said. He is proud to be part of the Urban Wick Family as well as the Mansour Family, supporting owners Marlene and Elise in reaching their business goals.  
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