Our Team: Introducing Adeline

After coming to Urban Wick Candle Bar with her sister to try her hand at candle pouring, Adeline had so much fun that she decided she’d love to come work here every day! She applied and we are excited to introduce her as one of our talented Scent Designers.

Adeline loves helping people and thrives on the energy at Urban Wick. “There's such a fun and loving environment here. My co-workers and our customers come in to destress and be happy. It's a great change from everything else that's going on in the world,” she says. 

Urban Wick’s hand lotion is one of Adeline’s favorite products at the store. Made with goat’s milk and honey, our hand lotion “is the same PH balance as your skin so it doesn’t sting. It works just as well as Eucerin only it also smells fantastic!” says Adeline.

With over 80 premium fragrance oils to choose from at our Scent Wall, it’s hard to pick just one favorite! Adeline is drawn to the spiced scents. “I've made a mulled orange scent for soap, a mulled vanilla for soap, and a mulled tree reed diffuser for the bathroom.”

Outside of her time at Urban Wick, Adeline loves to cook. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine are her go-to choices. Working within certain dietary restrictions, learning how to cook is an exciting way to add variety to what she eats. 

Not only does Adeline get creative in the kitchen, but she also really enjoys the tech world. She loves computer programming and playing video games. 

“I love bringing joy and happiness to people’s lives. I'm really excited for people to come in and take a nice break from the rest of the world." We agree and we can’t think of a better reason to visit. So bring a friend and join us at Urban Wick Candle Bar to relax and enjoy a custom candle pouring experience today!

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