October Birthstone Candle Vessels - Opal & Pink Tourmaline

Urban Wick Candle Bar is excited to offer a special way for you to express your own unique style with our Birthstone Candle Vessels. Every month, we will be featuring our keepsake Moulin Rouge crystal candle vessels in specially selected colors to reflect each month’s birthstone. For October, we offer both the Iridescent Opal and the Tranquil Pink Tourmaline.

Rainbow-Hued Opal 

The Opal has long been prized and praised for its beautiful and distinctive shifting-color, unique in that it contains all of the hues of other gems. The word Opal is believed to come from the Sanskrit word "upala" meaning precious stone. Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil are all major sources of this rainbow-colored beauty.  

Opals have long been believed to be sources of good luck throughout history. Second only to the emerald, this beautiful gemstone was once known as the stone of kings. Romans thought the iridescent Opal was the most precious and powerful of all gemstones and a symbol of hope. Ancient Greeks believed them to grant the gift of prophesy and protection from disease to its wearer. 

Tranquil Pink Tourmaline

From green to black, the Tourmaline comes in a wide variety of colors but it is the tranquil Pink Tourmaline that is reserved for the birthstone of October. Associated with compassion, love, and gentleness this calming stone has been historically linked to those looking for emotional support from stress, anxiety, heartbreak, grief or depression.

Many cultures through historically have turned to the tourmaline for its fabled healing purposes - once a Dutch scientist claimed that a tourmaline wrapped in silk and placed against the cheek of a feverish child would induce sleep. Ancient cultures in India used the gem as a tool to bring insight. In more recent times, this birthstone is used by tribes in Africa, Native Americans, and Australian aboriginal groups as a talisman to protect against danger.

The word Tourmaline is believed to come from the Sinhalese word "turmalil", the name given to all colored crystals on the island of Sri Lanka in the past. This gemstone is most often found in Brazi. It is also mined in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique as well as in California and Maine.

Celebrate Your October Event At Urban Wick Candle Bar

Whatever you may be celebrating this month, our Opal and Pink Tourmaline candle vessels are perfect for your next candle pour at Urban Wick. With so many seasonal scents like Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Popcorn, and Apple & Maple Bourbon available to choose from, it's the right combination for a fantastic fall outing. 

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