June Birthstone Candle Vessel - Luminous Pearl

Urban Wick Candle Bar is excited to offer a special way for you to express your own unique style with our Birthstone Candle Vessels. Every month, we will be featuring our keepsake Moulin Rouge crystal candle vessels in specially selected colors to reflect each month’s birthstone. For June, to welcome the start of the summer season and the anticipation of warm beaches and cool waves, we are featuring the luminous Pearl - the most valuable of aquatic gems. 

Say “I Do’ To The Lovely Pearl

June is traditionally one of the most popular months for weddings so it makes sense that this bridal staple would be our Birthstone Candle Vessel pick. But the pearl actually isn’t technically a stone. Unlike the ruby, diamond and other gems formed as minerals underground, the pearl has organic elements. 

No matter its origins, this smooth, beautiful gem is a popular choice for wedding jewelry to this day. From bracelets to earrings, pendants to necklaces, the pearl is a perennial favorite of jewelry lovers.

Cultured Pearls & Natural Pearls

The idea of a scuba masked swimmer discovering a pearl in an oyster while diving in warm tropical waters may be a romantic notion but most pearls are considered Cultured Pearls. They are indeed real pearls grown inside real oysters but cultivated in pearl farms in Japan, Australia, Indonesia, and China, among other locations. Natural pearls are found in the wild, as it were, by shellfish harvesters by accident. The odds of discovering a pearl this way aren’t in your favor… you could open thousands of oysters and still come up lacking when looking for just one quality pearl in nature. 

Pearls of Every Color

When it comes to pearls, the palette of available colors is extensive. White may be the most well-known but there are so many options when it comes to finding a pearl that appeals to you.

  • White - A favorite for wedding jewelry, a traditional choice symbolizing innocence, beauty, and sincerity.
  • Black - Mysterious and unconventional, a bold statement of independence and strength.
  • Pink - Romantic and coy, the rare pink pearl is a beautiful surprise.
  • Purple - The color of royalty, this sophisticated hue symbolizes wisdom and creativity.
  • Blue - Like tranquil water, the blue pearl represent serenity and courage.
  • Gold/Champagne - The most expensive of pearls, gold symbolizes wealth and sophistication.
  • Brown/Chocolate - Solid and trustworthy, this dependable pearl is a steady choice. 

Just like the versatile pearl, we had a hard time choosing just one color to represent our Pearl Birthstone Candle Vessel. And then we realized - we didn’t have to! Select either our classic White Pearl vessel with its striking design or the Champagne Pearl vessel with its golden accents. Or go with both if you just can't decide! Whatever your choice, the Pearl is perfect for your June birthday or bridal celebration at Urban Wick Candle Bar!


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