It’s Raining, It’s Pouring… Candle Pouring, That Is!

Who doesn’t love lighting a candle and cuddling up under a cozy blanket on a gray, rainy day? There’s something about the soothing sound of rain sprinkling against your window that just helps us to relax. 
Spring showers bring May flowers but don’t rule out autumn rain as a soothing balm to every day worries. No matter the season, the sound and even the scent of rain has a unique aroma and benefit all its own.

Before & After 

Before the first drops of rain begin to fall, you may be able to detect a slight scent in the air – a sharp, sweet aroma. What you’re smelling is ozone which is activated by lightning. So unique is the after-scent of that natural, earthy aroma of rain combined with dry soil that two Australian scientists coined a term for it in the 1960s - Petrichor. It is primarily caused by a molecule caused geosmin. Meaning “earth smell” in Greek, is the chemical released by a certain type of bacteria in soil when it dies.

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

So we now know why rain has a scent but what makes it so appealing to us? Some scientists believe that people inherited their affection for the scent of rain from our ancestors who relied on showery weather for their survival. Or perhaps it’s a nice reminder of dearly held memories tied to relaxing events like playing in puddles as a child or relaxing time spent in a lush garden, the scent of rain is soothing. Whether it’s our primal attraction to this earthy scent or the happiness we feel due to our own fond memories, this organic scent is a lovely complement to many other natural scents we feature at Urban Wick Candle Bar.

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