Is Your Favorite Scent The Same As The Rest Of The World's?

When you ask anyone what their "favorite" of anything is - be it movie, food, color, or type of vacation - you're certain to get a wide variety of responses. And the same would hold true for everyone's favorite, most-pleasing scent. But there is one scent that is universally loved the world over. Can you guess what it is?

Something We Can All Agree On

A new study has been done, researching 235 individuals from cultures all over the world including Thailand, Mexico, Ecuador, and the US, and encompassing various geographical areas from deserts, tropical rainforests, and highland climates to coastal regions, and more. The goal was to see if cultural influence was the driving factor in scent preference.

Participants were asked to sample 10 unique scents and rank them in order of pleasantness."We wanted to examine if people around the world have the same smell perception and like the same types of odor, or whether this is something that is culturally learned," says neuroscientist Artin Arshamian from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

It was determined that, no matter where someone came from or what their exposure to different scents related to their culture and environment were, and whether the individual was tested in the field or in a controlled experimental setting - it made no difference, their preference for certain scents were in sync. 

And The Favorite Is...

It may come as no surprise that the sweet, comforting scent of vanilla came out on top. Although it may not have been every participant's #1 favorite, it was the one most ranked as being pleasant and appealing. 

Not Every Scent Can Be A Winner

For every good there's a bad and this one may come as no surprise. The least favorite scent was of isovaleric acid. It's the acid found in cheese and soy milk and also part of the lovely aroma that makes up the scent of foot sweat. We can see why this one was at the bottom!

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