Introducing Our Keepsake Birthstone Candle Vessels - Soothing Aquamarine

At Urban Wick Candle Bar, we love offering guests the opportunity to express themselves. Helping you find the perfect vessel for your candle pour and select scents to craft the ideal blend to suit each candle pourer's tastes is something we love to do. This year, we are excited to offer you yet another way to express your own unique style and create a candle that is uniquely you with our Birthstone Candle Vessels.\

Keepsake Birthstone Candle Vessels

Each month, Urban Wick Candle Bar will be featuring our keepsake Moulin Rouge crystal candle vessels in specially selected colors to reflect each month’s birthstone. For March, we are offering a soothing Aquamarine accented with subtle gold tones candle vessel. 

Soothing Aquamarine For March

March is a time of change, in seasons and weather, so this cool, mesmerizing blue vessel is the perfect compliment to reflect the month. Aquamarine is a semi-precious gemstone found in Brazil, Madagascar, Siberia, India, and even in the United States in North Carolina. It ranges in color from a pale to a deeper blue and originates from the beryl family of minerals, making it the sister of the emerald.

The Aquamarine Through History

A cherished gem of the Egyptians and Hebrews, Roman s also once believed that the aquamarine absorbed the aura of young love and exchanged it to signify pure love in a relationship. During the Middle Ages, this gemstone was believed to promote cheerfulness and bring peace to the heart and mind. The aquamarine’s blue tone is reminiscent of calm waters and clear blue skies so it’s often used to promote serenity and relaxation. Sailors used to believe that the aquamarine was a gift from mythical mermaids and would wear them to protect themselves from seasickness and peril at sea. In time, this semiprecious stone also became known as the perfect amulet for calming the stormy times in a marriage as well and is noted as being the gemstone for a 19th wedding anniversary gift.

Whether you’re celebrating your March birthday or looking for a unique birthday gift for a friend, visit Urban Wick Candle Bar in March to select our keepsake Aquamarine crystal vessel with subtle gold accents for your next candle pour. And shhh, we won’t tell anyone if you’re just celebrating your love of the color blue! 

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