Hygge & Comforting Winter Scents

Winter is in full force and many long to skip these days of cold, blustery winds and snowy, icy landscapes to get to the warmth of spring. But there's a special beauty to this season. Sometimes slowing down and cherishing the small comforts is just what we need this time of year. 

The Simple Things

The Danish are on the right track with their concept of hygge (pronounced " hoo-guh"). Although having no direct translation in English, it implies a cozy atmosphere and the the enjoyment and contentment we find in simple, soothing things. Think cuddling inside by a fire with a soft throw, a warm cup of cocoa in your hands. Or tucked away with your journal on a snowy afternoon, the scent of warm bread in the oven. Maybe a soothing bubble bath by soft candlelight after a brisk hike in the snow is your perfect soothing way to spend a winter evening. 

Let Urban Wick Candle Bar help you find your hygge and make the most of winter. With so many soothing and delicious scents like Baked Bread, Campfire, Burnt Sugar, and First Snow, we can work with you to create a custom scent blend that will bring you to your cozy place every time you light your candle. Or you can choose to scent our hand lotions, soaps, and sprays or try our reed diffusers for a flame-free scent experience.
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