Holiday Scent Collection - Christmas Kitchen

Warm delicious scents that bring to mind being tucked away behind cozy frosted windowpanes while treats bake in the oven. What better way to start preparing for the holiday season than with the scrumptious aroma of some of our Christmas Kitchen collection - the first of our three Holiday Scent collections!


Christmas Ale - Cheers to this crisp winter ale with bright notes of seasonal spices, sweet orange, and hops. 

Clove - Enjoy the invigorating zesty blend of clove accented with earthy elements of sandalwood and ginger.

Hazelnut - Treat your senses with the delicious smell of roasted hazelnut with accents of vanilla and buttercream.

Nutmeg - Recall holiday treats piping hot from the oven with this spicy, woodsy scent with just a touch of warm vanilla.

Our Holiday Scent Collection has something for all! 

Let Urban Wick Candle Bar help you capture memories of past holidays and create new ones this season with our Holiday Scent Collection. Our Scent Designers can help you make a custom scent blend just perfect for you. Whether you choose to scent your own candle, reed diffuser, room/body spray, liquid hand soap or lotion, give yourself and loved ones the gift of a wonderfully scented Holiday Season with any of these products designed by you.

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