Fun Scent-Related Facts About Our Furry Friends

All animals use scent as a powerful way of making connections and gathering information. We thought it would be fun to share with you some interesting facts about their wondrous sense of smell.  

Mr. McGregor's Got Nothing On You

If you've got a Peter Rabbit or other furry friend sneaking into your garden, one of the easiest way to deter those nibbling visitors is with scent. As an animal's sense of smell is so vital to their wellbeing, using natural scents they don't like is a great way to keep them out of your garden. Some suggestions include scattering citrus scented peels like lemon and orange in your garden. Coffee grounds are also a good deterrent along with cayenne pepper. 

Some Bunny's Been Sniffing Around

Rabbits are constantly twitching their nose and sniffing. When they sniff, their top lip splits which provides for a better reading of the scents in the air and results with them having a sense of smell up to 20 times better than humans.

Your Feline Thinks Your The Cat's Meow

Who doesn't love that sweet little head butt from a cat against your leg as they pass by? But when your cat is rubbing its face against you it isn't just a sweet sign of affection. They are also transferring their scent to you and marking their territory. By rubbing scent glands around their face onto you, they basically are claiming ownership of you.

Wet Nose, Warm Heart & Great Sense Of Smell

A dog's nose is alway slightly wet to help it better absorb certain scents. The lining of a dog's nose secrets a thin layer of mucous through special glands. This mucous helps them better absorb scent chemicals, resulting in dog's having a sense of smell that is 10,000 to 100,000 sharper than a human’s.'s%20sense,times%20more%20acute%20than%20ours.&text=One%20of%20the%20reasons%20a,a%20dog%20has%20about%2050.
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