Fall Scents Smell Great & Are Beneficial Too

Fall in Michigan, is there really anything more wonderful? So many great memories are made in the fall if you think of it - family trips to the cider mill with the scent of warm donuts and apple cider in the air, family walks through canopies of gold, red, and and yellow leaves, and visits to the pumpkin patch to get ready for carving your Halloween jack o'lantern.

Autumn is a great time to be outdoors and so many scents bring us back to these great times with family and friends. How perfect to be able to capture those memories in a custom blend at Urban Wick Candle Bar with our Fall Collection of scents. In addition to the fabulous smell, there is also a great benefit with our favorite seasonal scents.


This crisp, sweetly scented fruit is a fall staple that has been reported to lessen headache symptoms and shorten migraine episodes. 

Autumn Leaves

The allure of brilliantly colored leaves scented with crisp, cool autumn air is an energizing and pleasing scent that ties us back to nature.


A signature scent in mulled cider, pumpkin pie, and so many other delicious fall treats, cinnamon is a great stimulant that helps reduce drowsiness and increases concentration.


Pumpkin spice everything for the win in the fall! There's no scent more closely associated with the season but did you know that the scent of pumpkin increases attraction in men, especially when joined with the scent of lavender? We're going to include this one in the "who knew?" category! 

With so many delicious and exciting scents to choose from this fall at Urban Wick Candle Bar, why stop at just one. Let our talented Scent Designers help guide you in selecting the perfect combination of premium fragrance oils to bring the beautiful aromas of the season home. 

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