Dog-Friendly Scents Perfect For Both You & Your Pet

If you're one of many who succumbed to the wet kisses and warm snuggles of a pandemic puppy or have been a dog lover your whole life, you know the joy a four-legged friend can bring to your life.

Comforting Scents

Having a dog doesn't have to mean you can't enjoy scent at home. In fact, there are certain scents that are pet-friendly and can even be pet-soothing. 
  • Bergamot - helps to sooth panic by balancing emotions.
  • Lavender - promotes calmness and reduce nervousness and stress. 
  • Myrrh - supports relaxation and calmness.

Next time you visit Urban Wick Candle Bar, consider a custom scent blend with one of these choices for your next candle pour. Scents to soothe the not-so-savage beast can offer positive benefits to both you and your best friend!

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