Does Snow Have A Scent?

A Michigan winter and snow go hand in glove. The cool sensation of falling flakes on your tongue, the crisp crunch of fresh accumulation underfoot, and the white blankets of untouched snow quietly covering the ground are a seasonal feast for the senses. But do you associate a unique scent to that winter wonderland? 

Snow Is In the Air

Just like rain, many people say they can smell it in the air when snow is due. And it's not just your imagination. the air really does have a unique scent right before it snows. But what exactly is it we are smelling? 

Scents are less pungent in colder weather. Odor molecules move much slower in cold air than warmer air so it is more dense. This allows those molecules less room to move around and become more available to breathe. So when the air is colder, what you are noticing is actually the absence of all of the usual outdoor scents you normally do smell. This absence of scent combined with the increased humidity in the air makes your sense of smell receptive to subtle differences. 

So whether you can smell snow or you just love the beautiful white flakes, the best thing about every season are the unique sights, sounds, and smells that bring to mind good memories. Urban Wick Candle Bar can help you capture the scents that bring to mind memories of any season so visit us this winter and let us help you #ScentYourSpace.

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