Craft Your Own Smokey Old Fashioned Inspired Candle

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Step into a world of sensory delight as we introduce our latest creation: the Smoky Old Fashioned Inspired Candle. At Urban Wick Candle Bar, we're constantly exploring innovative ways to tantalize your senses, and this meticulously crafted candle is no exception. Combining the warm notes of bourbon, the sweetness of vanilla, the zesty burst of orange, and the lingering allure of smoke, this unique candle promises to transport you to a cozy evening by the fireplace, sipping on your favorite cocktail. Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey of scent and creativity? Reserve your spot now to craft your very own Smokey Old Fashioned Inspired Candle.

A Symphony of Scents

Imagine the distinct aroma of bourbon swirling through the air, evoking the richness of aged wood and the indulgence of a fine spirit. Blended with the velvety sweetness of vanilla, these scents intertwine to create a harmonious base that sets the stage for an olfactory experience like no other. But that's not all – the zest of fresh orange adds a zing of vibrancy, infusing the candle with a lively citrusy note that awakens the senses.

Reserve Your Spot

Ready to embark on a journey of scent exploration? Reserve your spot now for the ultimate candle making adventure. Gather your friends, family, or even treat yourself to a unique solo experience. Our scent menu offers a range of options to suit your preferences. Whether you're drawn to the intoxicating allure of the Smokey Old Fashioned Inspired Candle or another enticing scent from our collection, we guarantee that you'll leave with a newfound appreciation for the art of fragrance.

The Smokey Old Fashioned Inspired Candle is more than just a blend of scents; it's a story waiting to unfold. With each flicker of the flame, you'll be transported to a world of warmth, indulgence, and relaxation. Join us at our Urban Wick for a candle making experience that will awaken your senses, ignite your creativity, and leave you with a keepsake that embodies the essence of luxury and comfort. Reserve your spot now, and let the journey of scent discovery begin.

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