Perfect Scent Blends For Craft Cocktail Connoisseurs

Taking that extra moment in time to put the finishing touch on something conveys a sign of appreciation and interest, that just by devoting effort into whatever it is we are working on shows that it is worth our interest and energy.

Craft Cocktail Scent Blends

Craft cocktails require that special touch - the flourish and skill to gather the finest ingredients, garnish artistically, and up that mixology game. If you appreciate the art of craft cocktails, consider sampling some of these premium fragrance oil pairings for your next candle pour. 

  • Champagne & Grapefruit

  • Bourbon & Orange Zest 

  • Hops & Pistachio

  • Chardonnay & Ginger Ale

  • Bordeaux & Dark Chocolate

    At Urban Wick Candle Bar, we appreciate the little touches, the nuances of taking a scent and pairing it with its perfect complement. So make a reservation or plan a trip to our bar to blend your favorite craft cocktail scent - no ID required!

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