Celebrating Sweetest Day 2023: Sip and Snap With Us!

sweetest day 2023 urban wick candle bar

Sweetest Day 2023 is approaching! October 21st will be a special day to show appreciation and love to those who are important to us. Although not as well-known as Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day has been celebrated for almost a century!

A Sweet Origin

Sweetest Day was actually created in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1921. It was the brainchild of Herbert Birch Kingston, an employee of a candy company who noticed that many people in nursing homes and hospitals were often forgotten. He wanted to do something to lift their spirits, so he came up with the idea of giving them candy and small gifts. The idea quickly caught on, and Sweetest Day soon became popular in the Midwest.

Today, people across many parts of the United States celebrate Sweetest Day. It's a day to show love and appreciation to everyone important to us, not just romantic partners. People often give candy, flowers, and small gifts (like candles!) to friends, family members, and coworkers. It's a great opportunity to let someone know you care about them.

Sip and Snap With Us This Sweetest Day

Join us for Sweetest Day 2023 and enjoy a special treat! When you visit us on October 21st, you'll receive a complimentary Polaroid photo and sparkling beverage with any novelty vessel purchase. It's our way of adding a little extra sweetness to your celebration! Whether you're treating yourself or sharing the sweetness with a loved one, we'd love to help you make this Sweetest Day a special one! Be sure to mark your calendars and make it a date to remember.

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