Our Team: Meet Caroline

We'd like to officially introduce you to a familiar face here at Urban Wick Candle Bar! Caroline is coming up on her one-year anniversary and we couldn't be happier for the continued dedication and commitment she shows everyday as one of our Scent Designers!

The Power Of Positivity

Caroline was initially attracted to working at Urban Wick Candle Bar because of the positive environment she saw when she first visited. Ever since joining our team, she has loved the good feeling of getting to know customers when they come in to the store and helping them make their perfect scent combination. With new guests and new scent blends daily, the opportunity to keep things fresh each day is a big plus for her. "I am most excited learning how to make all the products and trying to make new scents that go well together that you wouldn't think of," says Caroline.

And just like our customers, each of our staff has their own unique favorites - Caroline is a fan of our hand lotion. "My favorite product is the lotion because I love being able to scent it yourself and it is super moisturizing," says Caroline. Great for any time of year, our hand lotion base is a blend of Goat’s Milk, Honey, and Shea Butter - each providing unique benefits to the health of your skin.

Classical Tastes

As far as scent preferences, Caroline believes you can't go wrong with the warm and comforting scent of one of the classics - vanilla. Vanilla is her favorite and a great complement to many other scents. 

When she's not at Urban Wick Candle Bar helping guests make their custom scent blends for candle pours and scenting our other available products, Caroline loves keeping busy. Whether running, spending time with friends, taking pictures, trying out different activities, or meeting new people, she is a fan of trying new things and getting out there!

We're excited for Caroline's next step as she heads to college this fall to study accounting. But for now, we love having her as one of our Scent Designers and the energy she shares with us all every day!

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