Our Holiday Scent Collection Is Here!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is here and we can't wait to share with you all of the delicious and festive scents in our Holiday Collection this year.

With our Christmas Classics, Christmas Kitchen, and Winter Favorites collections, Urban Wick Candle Bar has so many ways for you to Scent Your Space this most festive of seasons. 

Christmas Classics

Traditions are comforting and these sentimental favorites are sure to bring to mind not only treasured moments but also the promise of new memories ahead.

White Christmas - No need to just dream of Christmases past and snowy winter nights, let this crisp scent with hints of musk, pine needles, and balsam fir bring the memories home to you.

Mistletoe - Fall in love with this Christmas blend of fresh woods and frosted cranberries.

Candy Cane - Decorate your house with the classic scent of cool peppermint and candied sugar.

Hazelnut - Treat your senses with the delicious smell of roasted hazelnut with accents of vanilla and buttercream.

Santa’s Pipe - What's better than the aroma of cherrywood, vanilla, and tobacco to bring to mind everyone's favorite Christmas Eve guest!

Gingerbread - Step into the Christmas spirit with this cookie classic with notes of warm vanilla, spices, and sugar.

Hot Buttered Rum - Settle in by the fire on those cold winter nights with this rich blend of rum, vanilla, and butterscotch - perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Christmas Kitchen

Recall cozy kitchens with frosted windowpanes and delicious holiday treats cooling on the counter - these rich and festive scents are perfect for tempting your taste buds.

Christmas Ale - Cheers to this crisp winter ale with bright notes of seasonal spices, sweet orange, and hops. 

Nutmeg - Recall holiday treats piping hot from the oven with this spicy, woodsy scent with just a touch of warm vanilla.

Clove - Enjoy the invigorating zesty blend of clove accented with earthy elements of sandalwood and ginger.

Peppermint Bark - This holiday classic will leave you in Christmas heaven! Hints of sweet peppermint, milk chocolate, and dark cacao combine to tempt your senses.

Winter Favorites

Fluffy snowflakes falling on a crisp winter's afternoon and warming up inside with these delicious favorites are the perfect pairing this season. 

First Snow - Capture the pure magical scent of freshly fallen snow married with earthy green and floral notes.

Hot Cocoa - Rich and creamy milk chocolate without the calories! Cozy up by the fireplace with this warmly-scented classic.

Wassail - You'll want to raise a toast to this traditional spicy blend of mulled wine and citrus.

Brandy - Warm up with this bold and fruity blend of rum, amber, and woodsy elements.

Cranberry - Enjoy the perfect pairing of tart and sweet in this sparkling fruity blend .

Black and Tan - Two are better than one in this perfect combination of a Stout and Ale with notes of sweet butterscotch and bold coffee.

Fig - Earthy florals mixed with hints of musk and sweetness in this seasonal favorite.

Let Urban Wick Candle Bar help you capture memories of past holidays and create new ones this season with our Holiday Scent Collection. Our Scent Designers can help you make a custom scent blend just perfect for you. Whether you choose to scent your own candle, reed diffuser, room/body spray, liquid hand soap, lotion, or hand sanitizer, give yourself and loved ones the gift of a wonderfully scented Christmas and Holiday Season with any of these products designed by you.

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