2022 Is The Year Of The Lilac

The scent of a fresh cut Lilac sprig, is there truly anything like that sweet heady aroma? Every year, the National Garden Bureau selects a collection of garden favorites to promote awareness about the joy of home gardening, from perennials to annuals and shrubs to vegetables. This year, they have designated 2022 the year of the lilac - and we are here for it!

Springtime Beauty 

This sturdy beauty is all the more treasured as their flowers bloom for only a few weeks in May and June. Their lovely scent holds a special place in our springtime memories of Mother's Day celebrations and bright sunny afternoons. Living up to one hundred years, lilac bushes and trees grow easily and love the sun. 

Lilacs belong to the same family as olives and originally are from Eastern Europe and Asia. They were first brought to America in the 17th century and could be found in the gardens of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. 

Most common in pale lavender, which has the strongest scent, lilacs can also come in white and a very light magenta. To bring a fresh flowered branch to enjoy indoors, it's best to "smash" or strip the woody stem to allow the bloom to soak up as much water as possible. 

Make A Candle & More

If you want to capture the lovely scent of lilac to enjoy anytime of year, our talented Scent Designers can help you pair your favorites from our Spring & Summer Scent Collection with complementary premium fragrance oils to create a custom blend perfect for the season. Make a candle, scent reeds and soap, or personalize your hand sanitizer with your signature scent. Visit with a friend or make a reservation to celebrate a special occasion by calling us (248) 977-8432. Get ready to scent your space and enjoy the freshness of spring at Urban Wick Candle Bar!


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