Natural Scents To Ward Off Pests

Pesky mosquitoes are an unfortunate part of summer. Whether picnicking in a grassy field or taking a late afternoon walk in a shaded forest, mosquitoes always have a way of finding us! 
To keep these unwelcome companions away, enjoy these scents that deter mosquitoes and have a pleasing aroma at the same time - a win-win in our book. 


The oil derived from lemongrass contains citral and geranyl acetate, both compounds that are natural insect repellants. 


Although soothing to humans, mosquitoes dislike the unique scent of this floral favorite.

Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, and Pine are also great deterrents for those annoying summer pests. Visit Urban Wick Candle Bar fragrance wall to try out these and all of our premium fragrance oils to find your favorite!

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