May Birthstone Candle Vessel - Radiant Emerald

Urban Wick Candle Bar is excited to offer a special way for you to express your own unique style with our Birthstone Candle Vessels. Every month, we will be featuring our keepsake Moulin Rouge crystal candle vessels in specially selected colors to reflect each month’s birthstone. For May, we are featuring Emerald accented with subtle gold tones candle vessel.  

Lush Green Of Spring

Spring is abundant in all things green so what better gemstone to represent the month of May than the radiant Emerald. The lush deep green hues of this shimmering gemstone earn it a place in the "Big Four" along with the diamond, ruby, and sapphire. 

Emerald is derived from the Greek word “smaragdus,” which means green. It has long been considered a symbol of rebirth, possessing the wearer with qualities of love, good fortune, and youth. It is also the gemstone for the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

Rare Beauty Of The Emerald

Typically mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Zambia, the Emerald is the rarest of gemstones. Emerald color can range from light green to a deep, rich green - the deeper the color, the more valuable it is with the rarest being an intense green-blue color. The Emerald is considered a variety of beryl, a mineral that grows with six sides and up to a foot in length.  

Capture the springtime beauty of May with our Emerald candle vessel and celebrate all the green hues of the season. Join us for your May birthday, Mother's Day celebration, or plan a visit to add a touch of emerald to your next candle pour. This month, Birmingham is the Emerald City when you visit us at Urban Wick Candle Bar! 


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