Enjoy These Fresh & Clean Scent Combinations For Summer!

At Urban Wick Candle Bar, it's all about the scent! And each of us have scents that draw us in, relax us, excite us, and just make us happy. If you're looking for a perfect light and fresh scent combination for the summer, we have some great suggested duets for you!

Fresh & Clean 

Whether you are drawn to floral scents or gravitate to earthy, natural scents, each of these combinations carry a light and airy aroma that speaks to summer breezes and nature's best.

  • Clothesline & Jasmine
  • Olive Blossom & Verbena
  • Gardenia & Sea Kelp
  • Bamboo & Rain
  • Lavender & Lemongrass

Our talented Scent Designers can always help you create a custom blend perfect for any season or mood. Visit with a friend or make a reservation to celebrate a special occasion by calling us at (248) 977-8432.

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