Scent Scoop - Get To Know... Bergamot!

One of the best things about sharing the Urban Wick experience with our guests is introducing new or perhaps not as familiar scents to consider when making your custom blend.  

Mixing It Up

Staples like vanilla and lavender are pleasingly familiar and favorites of many for a reason but it's fun to share and add some of the less well-known scents into the mix. Bergamot has a refreshing citrusy quality that is not only sunny and sweetly scented but also fun to learn more about. The aroma of bergamot is not only appealing in its uniqueness but it also can possibly relieve anxiety by signaling the brain to release dopamine and serotonin.

Although it gained wide prominence and its name from town of Bergamo in southern Italy, the Bergamot fruit can be originally traced to Southeast Asia and is now grown in many places throughout the world. You may know Bergamot from Earl Gray tea, it's a very versatile scent that pairs well with fragrances like jasmine, rosemary, and sandalwood.

With over 80 premium fragrance oils available to choose from in store, there is always something new and different waiting for you to discover at Urban Wick Candle Bar!

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