What To Expect During Your Candle Pouring Experience

Curious about what to expect when you visit Urban Wick Candle Bar for a candle pouring experience? Let us help guide you through the process! 

Welcome to Your Experience

Get ready to enjoy a new experience of scent at Urban Wick! When you visit our store, our talented Scent Designers will greet you and invite you to explore. One of the first things you may notice is our Fragrance Wall featuring over 80 premium fragrance oils to soothe, excite, and intrigue.

You’ll also have the opportunity to look at all of our options for candle vessels, reed diffusers, room/body sprays, lotions, liquid hand soap, and wax melts! Ready to start your candle pouring experience? Let’s get to it!


Grab a clipboard, stop at the Fragrance Wall, put your nose to work and write down all your favorite scents, as many as you’d like!


Next, choose a candle vessel or any combination of products you’d like to make. With a variety of vessels to select from for your candle pour, we have something for everyone!


Now you’re ready to take a seat at the Candle Bar to blend the oils and create your one of a kind, custom scent - unique to you. Our Scent Designers are here to assist but it’s your scent so let your nose guide you. 

Once you have created your custom scent blend, it's time to pour the oils into the product you chose to make!


Your custom hand-poured candle will take approximately 45 - 60 minutes from the time you walk into Urban Wick Candle Bar until you finish pouring your candle. The candle takes 90 - 120 minutes to set. While your candle is setting, we invite you to check out the great shops and restaurants in downtown Birmingham.

Please note, if you want to take your candles home on the same day, you'll want to arrive at least two and half hours before we close. . If not, that's okay, we just ask that you return on our next business day to pick up.  If that is inconvenient, no problem, although we don't want you to go too long without your new favorite candle so we kindly ask that you return within 10 days to pick up!  We'd prefer you come pick up your candles/products however, after 10 days your creation will be donated to a local charity or sold and the proceeds will be donated to a local charity of our choice.  
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