Share The Gift of Experience This Holiday

Have you ever asked yourself what is a gift? If you ask us, we’d say it’s something that encourages loved ones to slow down, take a pause, put down the cell phones, be present, live in the moment. Taking time to reflect on the small things that matter and enjoy undistracted time together. 

Scent & Memory

Of all of our senses, our sense of smell is most closely linked to our memories - it has been said to be one of the strongest of the senses. Recollect a joyful memory from your childhood - what scent seems so real it takes you right back to that time? Is it grandpa’s shaving cream, a warm fire after sledding, lilac bushes in the spring, or the warm earthy smell after a summer rain? Whatever your special memories are, you can recreate those happy scents that recall days gone by at Urban Wick Candle Bar.

Gift Of Experience

Experience and enjoy time with family and friends at Urban Wick Candle Bar this holiday season. Build new memories while creating scents that bring to mind your favorite moments from the past. Or blend new scents to celebrate time spent with  with those you care for now and create new memories this year. 

Give the gift of experience this holiday season. Make your reservation at Urban Wick Candle Bar today to enjoy a candle pouring session together. Purchase a gift certificate for a future experience with us in the new year. Celebrate those you love by giving them the greatest gift of all - time spent together, making memories.

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