Spring Showers Are In Season

There's a special excitement that is in the air this time of year as snowflakes slowly give way to sprinkles. It's spring and along with it comes the scent of budding trees and flowers... it's when the earth comes alive again!  And don't forget the refreshing hint of spring rain in the air, that clean and natural scent that is just as much of the season as any daffodil or lilac.

Showers In The Forecast

Before that first drop of rain falls, you can catch its subtle earthy scent in the air. That's called Petrichor, a term first coined by Australian scientists in 1964 to describe the unique, organic smell associated with rain. This natural scent is caused by rain water carrying certain compounds like ozone, geosmin, and plant oils. 

Blame It On The Rain

You can smell rain when it's on its way but what is it that makes this scent so appealing to us? It could be just that it's a nice reminder of memories of jumping in rain puddles as a child, raindrops on fresh green leaves, and warmer weather fun. Some scientists believe that we inherited our affection for the scent of rain from our ancestors who relied on showery weather for the growth of crops and replenishing of water sources. 

Maybe it's our biological attraction to this earthy aroma or just the joy we feel knowing warmer weather is on the way that makes this organic scent a favorite. Whatever the reason, we do know our Rain premium fragrance oil is the perfect addition to your next custom scent blend here at Urban Wick Candle Bar!

Bring the fresh aroma of spring home with you, no matter the weather outside.


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