Scents To Capture A Walk In The Woods

There truly is nothing like Michigan in the fall. The vibrant reds, orange, and golds of changing leave blowing the cool crisp air as you hike through the woods bring such a sense of peace and calm. 


Capture the natural scent of autumn with a visit to Urban Wick Candle Bar this season. Choose from one of our outdoor-inspired fall scents for your next candle pour.

  • Autumn Leaves - Capture the essence of the rich aroma of piles of freshly raked crisp autumn leaves.
  • Flannel - Wrap yourself up in a warm luxurious combination of dry musk and fresh fruit with this scent that delivers the ultimate in chill vibes.
  • White Birch - Enjoy the sweet, sharp aroma of mountain air scented by a beautiful forest of white birch.

With so many delicious and exciting scents to choose from in our Fall Scent Collection at Urban Wick Candle Bar, why stop at just one. Let our talented Scent Designers help guide you in selecting the perfect combination of premium fragrance oils to bring the beautiful aromas of the season home. 

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