Scent Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Who would have thought one of the most sought after products of 2020 would be something to clean your hands? Hand sanitizer is definitely a hot commodity this year. Being smart and staying healthy doesn't have to be uninspiring, though. 

We all could use a little pick me up so we figured why not take something we all use every day and give you the chance to put your own spin on it? When you visit Urban Wick Candle Bar for a candle pouring, you have the option of using your specially selected fragrance oils to also scent a bottle of hand sanitizer. Or, if you prefer one unique scent, you can choose one from our Fragrance Wall to create your hand sanitizer.

Our hand sanitizer is 80% alcohol, contains peroxide and glycerin, and is methanol-free. We offer two sizes: 2-oz. for $12, or 4-oz. for $14.
So why not make one of your new routines one that brings a little joy to your day with a signature scented hand sanitizer!
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