Our Team: Introducing Sabrina!

We want you to help us welcome Sabrina to the Urban Wick team! Sabrina first became familiar with candle pouring while she was at college. She was so excited to hear there was one coming to Birmingham and she decided she had to be a part of it!

Sabrina loves seeing all the different scents guests create that she herself may have never thought of! The possibilities with candle scents are endless and it makes coming to work every day exciting, there is always something new in the works!

One of the things Sabrina is most excited about as she begins her time with Urban Wick Candle Bar is meeting new people from the community. She enjoys going on walks around town and shopping at all the small businesses and now she gets to be a part of it!

Sabrina recently has enjoyed recording and editing videos of her day-to-day life that she uploads to her vlog channel on YouTube. One of her favorite things is managing her cat Otis's Instagram account @Chillcatotis. He is an overweight tabby with lots of personality!

Sabrina also enjoys making desserts; specifically, trying to perfect the macaron! Sabrina admits to being a big sleep junkie and confesses to spending lots of her free time enjoying a good nap. We can't say we blame her! Traveling with her family is also something Sabrina really enjoys. One of her favorite experiences was visiting Rome, Italy where she got to march in the New Year's Day Parade with her high school marching band. Now that's an experience to remember!

Sabrina attends Grand Valley State University where she studies Marketing with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations. At Grand Valley, she is the Senior Vice President of her Professional Business Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.

Being so busy, Sabrina loves lighting her candles while cleaning the house so that by the time she is finished, it smells as great as it looks. Finding time to relax is key with so much going on for her. We are excited to welcome Sabrina to our team!
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