Does Weather Affect Your Sense Of Smell?

We all associate certain scent with different times of the year. Peppermint and pine bring to mind tasty treats and holiday decorating. Fresh rain and light floral notes make us wish for spring. But did you know the seasons also can have an affect on your sense of smell?

Does Weather Affect Your Sense Of Smell?

Humid air is a better conductor of scent than dry air. As spring and summer air is generally hotter and more humid, the odorants that drive scent are better carried as particles in the atmosphere so less is more in this case. As humid air is more efficient in carrying scent, less scent packs more of a sensory punch. There are just more molecules of odor in the air so there is simply more to smell. Winter air, on the other hand, is colder and more importantly drier. Scent particles are not carried as efficiently so there then is less to smell. 

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