Delicious Scents Are All In Good Taste

We LOVE sharing our fun candle pouring experience with each and every guest. From a girls night out, to special birthdays, to fun dates, and bridal showers, our cozy candle store has something for everyone. As you stroll through the charming streets of downtown Birmingham this spring, we invite you to step inside and explore our candle bar and wide collection of scents. 

Scents That Appeal To Everyone

Some people are drawn to flower scents, some earthy and woodsy, and some are drawn to our food-inspired scents. We offer a wide selection of aromas featuring some of our culinary favorites - the warm cozy scent of sugar cookies, the refreshing scent of cucumber, and the robust scent of freshly roasted coffee - just to name a few. You just might get hungry or thirsty when you visit so be prepared!

Smells As Good As It Tastes

The connection between our senses is strong. When we eat, the taste buds on the tongue help us identify whether something we eat or drink is one of the following:

  • sweet
  • sour
  • bitter
  • salty
  • umami (savory)

The olfactory nerves identify the smell that goes along with these tastes and helps your brain determine the flavor. Working together it’s the combination of these two senses that allows us to properly taste things and enhances the experience of eating.

With over 80 premium fragrance oils to choose from, our Scent Designers can help you blend your very own custom scent with notes of your favorite food scent and others that complement it well. Choose your custom scent combination and make your own candle or personalize your hand soap, sanitizer or lotion when you visit us at Urban Wick Candle Bar. 

We can’t wait to see you!

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