Our Team: Introducing Gwen!

Urban Wick has built a great team to help us bring our one-of-a-kind and unique candle making experience to Birmingham. Gwen is a great addition to Urban Wick and we're excited for her to share her people-loving personality with our guests!

Gwen was first attracted to working with us due to her interest in making her own candles. She is excited to get more familiar with all of the scents and thought this would not only be a fun and exciting position but also a great learning experience.

In her free time, Gwen enjoys painting. She primarily uses acrylics but is starting to use gouache as well. She also loves getting out and roller-skating with quad skates. Another favorite activity of Gwen's is baking, she's known to make some pretty amazing peanut butter cookies! Decorating with candles is something Gwen enjoys doing. She has candles all over her room - some are simple but others have crystals inside of them which add a special and unique touch.

This fall, she'll be attending Wayne State University to study neuroscience. We wish her the best of luck as she gets started on her college career!