Our Team: Introducing Claire!

Urban Wick Candle Bar has built a great team to help us bring our unique custom candle making experience to Birmingham. We are so happy to have Claire on board and are excited for her to share her people-loving personality with you during your next visit!

Candles, Candles, Everywhere!

Working with guests to help make sure they love their scent combinations and choices at the store is important to Claire. As an artist by trade, she has found that working to learn more about what scents pair well together has been an interesting and exciting part of her time here at Urban Wick Candle Bar. A personal favorite premium fragrance oil blend of Claire’s is Juniper and Leather as it reminds her of perfume and cologne.

Claire has an eye for the creative and loves candles so we have to say she is in the right place! “I love to decorate with candles in my home! My nighttime routine includes lighting some candles and cleaning the dishes from the day. I love having multiple candles lit at one time and letting the scents relax away the day, “ she says.

Creative Ways To Scent Your Space

Claire will be the first to tell you that, in addition to candles, Urban Wick Candle Bar has so much to offer to anyone looking to scent their space! With reed diffusers, hand sanitizers and lotions, room sprays, and wax tarts, candles are just one of several great products available for guests to scent. Reed diffusers are her personal favorite product as, "they last so long and work really well."

Claire is drawn to creative arts like graphic design, illustration, and photography. Embroidering is a special love that allows her the opportunity to create at all times of the day. In addition to scenting her space with reed diffusers and candles, she has a pretty impressive green thumb! “I also have plants covering my apartment and love to water and trim them in my free time to keep my apartment looking like a manageable jungle,” says Claire.

We’re excited to have Claire as part of our Urban Wick Candle Bar team!